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Uncover The Faster Way to Fat Loss In 5 Easy Steps
Uncover The Faster Way to Fat Loss In 5 Easy Steps
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Faster Way to Fat Loss

Faster Way to Fat Loss, Now we can start getting you on your way to losing all of the fat that you’ve ever wanted, but more importantly, you can learn how to KEEP it off., So we’ve got the boring fat loss tech talk out of the way.
Now we can start getting you on your way to losing all of the fat that you’ve ever wanted, but more importantly, you can learn how to KEEP it off.

Faster Way to Fat Loss

The guy over to the left isn’t really what we’d consider a ‘fat’ guy. Chubby is more like it. Fact of the matter is, there are more people in the USA with this kind of body type than any other.

Most of us are just a little overweight at some time or another, but regardless of which size you are and how much fat you need to lose, we can definitely get you started with the information below which applies universally, no matter your stats.

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Balance Your Macronutrients

Depending on how much weight you want to lose and how fastly, will dictate your Macronutrient ratio. There is a standard 40/40/20 ratio that lots of people – including bodybuilders – use.
40% of their food intake is from protein, 40% from carbs, and 20% from fat. This is probably a good place to start if you’ve never dieted before, but we can take this a step further instantly.

Let’s say that you want to burn as much fat in the shorted amount of time possible. If so, that would mean you’d have to cut down on your carbohydrate intake. Remember all of what was mentioned about how the body turns carbs into sugar, and the sugar is stored as fat earlier? That’s your ticket. So try a ratio of something like 40% protein, 40% fat, 20% carbs to get you started off.

Count Your Calories

Calories could take a long explanation, but I’ll spare you of thatand get to what’s important. Calories are a measurement of heat, or of energy. When you see calorie totals on food labels, it’s telling you how much energy the food contains. Now there are a lot of people who count calories meticulously and throw
Macronutrient variables right out the window. We’re going to take both into consideration.

There is a saying that goes something like, “Calories in, calories out”. There is some truth to that, yes, but it’s not the entire story. People count calories as a way to gauge how much food they’re eating, but where they go wrong is by having the mentality of, ‘if I keep my calories low, I’ll lose fat”. Now there IS some truth to that, but as mentioned, it’s not the entire story.

You’ve also got to take in mind how your body is breaking down those Macronutrients. I mean, think of it like this. Who would get fatter, quicker: A) Someone who ate 2500 calories of Snicker’s bars per day, or B) Someone who ate 2500 calories of lean white meat and healthy vegetables per day?

The answer is obvious here. Your body won’t take protein and turn it into mega-large fat stores like it will carbs. Why haven’t people thought of this sooner? That’s where you can cash in!

We recommend looking at calories almost strictly as a way to gauge how much you’re eating. So reduce your calories (how much you’re eating), and make sure to get your Macro ratio right.

Faster Way to Fat Loss: Exercise

While this may be the most difficult part for you to incorporate into your lifestyle, it’s very important, but for a different reason than you may think. I’m sure you already know that exercising forces the body to expend energy (carbs, fats, proteins) which will equal for fat loss. But we can look at this in a different way.

Exercising – whether it’s lifting weights or doing cardio – has an effect on you mentally. If you didn’t know it, laziness is a MENTAL problem, not a physical one. That may be weird to hear, huh? But it’s true. Now here’s a little bit of human psychology for you: you most likely don’t work out because of laziness (mental laziness). So how do you cure mental laziness?

By working out. It’s ironic, isn’t it? Exercising has proven to be a stress cure, a cure for depression, and a cure for anxiety. All three of those things are mental, are they not? Now stress, depression, and anxiety can all turn physical, even though they’re mental. That’s ironic as well. But it can take a toll on you if you’re not careful.

So how do we ultimately get over this laziness at first? If you can get it IN YOUR HEAD, AT LEAST JUST FOR ONCE, that you’re going to exercise, you’ve conquered over half the battle.
You see, after you work out, you are more alert mentally, you feel more relaxed, and less anxious. Then you start having the feeling of, “I just worked out and accomplished something. Man, I feel GREAT!”. And that my friends, will lead to wanting to work out MORE.

To further all of this irony even more, it seems the more work you do on yourself, the more work you… want to do on yourself.

Faster Way to Fat Loss: Clean Out Your Pantry & Refrigerator

This one is self-explanatory. Immediately get rid of EVERYTHING in your home that is pure starch, pure sugar, all processed foods, prepackaged TV dinners, etc. Instead, opt for fresh fruits, vegetables, lean meats, diet drinks and water, ans so on. A lot of people are afraid of making this change because they
think it will be a lot of work.

To counter that, let me tell you a secret: standing burns a LOT more calories/energy than sitting does. And walking burns even more. So the time you spend cooking to help yourself lose weight, will actually help you lose weight in itself Neat huh!

Faster Way to Fat Loss

Faster Way to Fat Loss: Expose Yourself To Success

So what are we talking about here? What kind of success?

We’re  talking about before and after as far as fat loss. An easy way to do this is to go to Google and type in something like, ‘weight loss before and after’ or ‘fat loss pictures’ and you’ll be met with thousands of others who have posted their pictures on health forums from all over the world.

Taking a look at someone else’s success will definitely get you fired up. When hearing about – and seeing – how someone else lost a lot of weight, it will reassure you that you DO have what it takes to lose the weight that you’ve always wanted to.

Another good idea is to join a small community on the net of people trying to lose weight. Being active in this type of community will expose you to much more information that you didn’t know beforehand which you can apply to tweaking your own diet, and there’s also a less likely chance of you cheating
since you’re constantly surrounded by others who are encouraging you.

Intermittent Fasting To Lose Weight – My Own Personal Experience

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