Fat loss secrets that really work

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If Your Body Is A Car, Your Mind Is The Engine

Fat loss secrets that really work , Your mindset drives your body, it fuels your will and determination to work towards your goal. It can be difficult to achieve and maintain your ideal body shape and weight. It takes more than just healthy eating and regular exercise.

A positive and motivated mindset is essential to keep you going. If you tell yourself negative things – “This is so hard, I can’t do this.” – You’re not going to make it far.

But if you encourage yourself with thoughts like “I can do this. Nothing can stop me. I’m going to lose 5 pounds by the end of the week” – you’re motivated to achieve your diet goals.

Mindsets are assumptions or beliefs you establish to govern your behaviour and choices. There are two types of mindset: fixed and growth-oriented.

People with a fixed mindset think of the absolutes and allow little to no room for possibilities. They are fixated to their definite opinion and would not budge from that framed mindset. When faced with challenges, they tend to take the easy way out to avoid failure and embarrassment. This is a psychological principle known as self-handicapping.

People with a growth mindset strongly believe in possibilities. They’re open minded, willing to adopt new ideas and learn to improve. They take on challenges even at the risk of failing. They are open to embrace failure because they know they can learn from it.

Fat loss secrets that really work

Below are some common mantras (a.k.a slogan or motto) that distinctly describe the two mindsets:

Fixed Mindset


Growth Mindset
  • When I fail, I’m no good
  • I’m either good at it, or I’m not
  • When I’m frustrated, I give up
  • My abilities determine everything
  • When I fail, I learn
  • I can learn anything I want to
  • When I’m frustrated, I persevere
  • My effort and at titude determine
  • everything

Start cultivating a growth mindset and practice these mantras and your diet plan will work much easier with more satisfying results.

Fat loss secrets that really work : To Successfully Shed Fat, First Shed Your Negative Thinking!

Research shows that one of the many important factors that influence weight loss is your attitude – whether or not you believe you can do it and if it is worth doing. It’s a simple theory – what you think will affect how you feel, and in turn the actions you take.

Similar to how conventional medications often treat symptoms of disease without addressing the cause, weight loss diets often address your weight without addressing what has led you to be overweight.

Being overweight is not as simple as eating too much or moving too less – there’s an underlying combination of subconscious conditioning, self-worth issues, emotional difficulties and more.

You might be able to lose a couple of pounds with solely changing your diet and doing exercises, but it won’t last long as symptom-specific diets will only be temporarily effective.

By addressing the underlying psychological cause that led you to being overweight while applying balanced diet and exercise will ensure you a long – lasting weight loss.

Follow these life-changing mantras that could help you eliminate any sort of destructive thoughts that sabotage your body weight.

1. Other’s opinions don’t matter as long as I love my body-Fat loss secrets that really work

Eliminate the fear of other’s opinions. When we despise how we look and how we feel, our bodies reflect and adopt to these ideas. Due to the environmental conditions, many want to impress and live up to other people’s expectations – it’s all because of other’s opinions. But loving yourself must come first if weight loss efforts are to be effective. Shed your fears. Learn to love your own body and each small change that occurs to it through your dieting effort.

2. Steady and slow, learn as you go. Lose too fast, it may not last – Fat loss secrets that really work

A little goes a long way. Focus on progress over perfection because no perfections come a long without long-term progression. Be patient and work with a well-planned diet for a long run. Your body takes time to adjust to all the changes. Diet done in a right way will ensure your body to be accustomed to the changes and the effects are definitely more lasting.

3. I may not be where I want to be, but I’m better than where I was – Fat loss secrets that really work

“I don’t have enough time, 15 minutes of workout won’t make a difference” – sounds familiar? This is the kind of statement that gives yourself permission to veer from the healthy habits that help you lose weight. Don’t find excuses, a tiny effort done is always better than none. 15 minutes each day rather than none at all will still make a change to your body regardless of how significant it is. Always remember that each small step taken is a step nearer to your goal. Never underestimate yourself.


Fat loss secrets that really work - How To Eat Like A Celebrity (And Not Get Fat!)

Fat loss secrets that really work : How To Eat Like A Celebrity (And Not Get Fat!)

When you see photos of Rihanna’s slim but glamorous silhouette or Jessica alba’s flat post-pregnancy tummy, you probably wondered how celebrities stay so lean or how do they always manage to snap back into shape in a blink of eye.

Truth is some celebrities go to strange and outrageous lengths to get or stay thin even though most of them swear their perfect body comes from exercising and eating clean. It’s risky to just follow blindly with those alleged diet plans of celebrities.

But fret not! Because here are some legit useful and healthy tips quoted directly from A-list celebrity trainers that you could steal and not be wary of the risk!

Fat loss secrets that really work – Tips From Celebrity Trainers

1. Fat loss secrets that really work – Celebrities eat breakfast.

Celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson (trainer to Jennifer Lopez, Penelope Cruz, Leah Remini) introduced the idea of eating within 30 minutes of waking up in the morning. “You want to send your body a signal that you’re not starving so it starts burning fat,” says Peterson. Try oatmeal, scrambled egg whites, fruits. These ingredients provide filling fibre, protein and vitamins. Research shows breakfast eaters are more successful at long -term weight loss as it helps jump-start your metabolism and prevents overeating throughout the day.

2. Fat loss secrets that really work – They pick their veggies.

They’re taught by their trainers to be picky in what veggies they eat. Here’s a tip to slimming down a few inches for a be-seen event, Nutritionist Carrie Wiatt made famous singer Fergie stock up on watery veggies and fruits (lettuce, celery, cucumbers, watermelon, grapes) to help get rid of bloating as those veggies work by flushing out your system. Cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, and pears lead to gas and bloating so if you’d like to be seen lean for the night, remember to avoid these right before an event.

3. Fat loss secrets that really work – They snack.

Healthy snacks of course! Trainer Valerie Waters had her clients (Jennifer Garner, Elizabeth Berkley) carry 150 -calorie snacks where they go. A few all – time favourite snack combos include apple slices with low-fat string cheese, a couple of crackers topped with chicken salad, or a few slices of turkey ham with fruits. According to Valerie Waters, it’s important to eat something every three to four hours. Because you can go from feeling kind of hungry to thinking you’re starving badly as your blood sugar can drop quickly. Healthy snacking helps curb with your cravings and gives you instant energy boost to keep you satiated.

4. Fat loss secrets that really work – They don’t stop drinking.

I hope you’re not thinking about alcohol.. Drink water! Of course it’s water. They never stop drinking water. Celebrity trainer and nutritionist Harley Pasternak (whose clients include Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Megan Fox, Robert Downey Jr.) urges the importance of hydration. According to Pasternak, thirst
can often be mistaken for hunger, so regularly sipping water through the day can keep excess calories off your plate – and your mouth.

3 Fat loss secrets that really work – Famous Celebrity Diet Plans

Fat loss secrets that really work – The 5-Factor Diet

Created by nutritionist and celebrity fitness guru Harley Pasternak, the five factors consist of the element each meal should include – protein, complex carbs, fats, fiber, and fluids. This diet plan requires you to eat five meals a day with recipes no more than five ingredients. And guess what, you get one cheat day per week – where you’re allowed to eat anything you like. Celebrities like
Eva Mendes, Alicia Keys, Megan Fox and Katy Perry are the followers of this diet.

Fat loss secrets that really work – The Zone Diet

Developed by former scientist Dr. Barry Sears, this diet involves obtaining 40% of your daily total caloric intake from carbohydrates, 30% from fats and 30% from carbs. Sears created this diet based on balancing the correct amount of amino acids with carbs, because it helps to control your appetite and prevent overeating. You are to eat three portion-controlled meals and two snacks a day. Famous Hollywood celebrity Jennifer Aniston was such a big fan of this diet, some even called it the “Jennifer Aniston Diet”.

Fat loss secrets that really work – Pressed Juicery

Pressed Juicery is a California-based company where its products are in general dense in nutrition, low in sugar, yet high in fibre and are proven to be a sensible way of consuming calories. It has been widely popular among celebrities to follow this six-juices-a-day, 1200-calorie intense cleanse. This Pressed Juicery diet is said to be a major bloat beater. Every morning you will receive a daily supply of juices delivered to your doorstep. Each fresh, nutrient- packed drink is specially designed to replace meals and snacks. And you’re highly advised to avoid alcohol, caffeine, and nicotine in order to achieve a complete cleansing. Hollywood celebrity – and also a busy mom, Nicole Richie sips on these juices. “I drink these between meals to be sure I’m getting everything I need, I don’t go a day without a Greens Juice – kale, spinach, cucumber, celery and romaine. It’s actually really good!” says Richie.


Fat loss secrets that really work – Star Diet Mantras And Tricks

Don’t you agree that having the dream body you have always desired can help you feel stronger and more in control? It helps to boost your confidence, self- esteem and mood.

So if you’re looking for inspiration to start eating healthy, why not follow your favorite celebrity’s diet regimes, since they often serve as an example for everything else?

These Hollywood stars have got a few neat tricks up their sleeves, which could easily be incorporated in your lifestyle.

You don’t have to resort to the harsh menus or strict diet fads for skin that defies your age.

Nicki Minaj – No Sugar or Starch

She lost 10 pounds by giving up Snickers and sides of potatoes. Three days before a big shoot, she says: “I just cut out sugar and starch.”

Hilary Duff – Treat Yourself

She does boxing drills and runs a lot. She eats a lot of chicken but she rewards herself too – “I love wine.”

Kaley Cuoco – No Alcohol

She skips alcohol for a lean body. “Alcohol bloats us… I’ve become a little bit more aware of what goes in my body.” She also works out four to five times a week, yoga, horseback riding, etc.

Jennifer Lopez – Cardio All The Time

She lost 8 pounds by eating lean meat, broccoli and carrots. “You realize how much you don’t need the butter and bread to be healthy. You need the greens! When i eat better, I feel better.”

Jessica Simpson – Oatmeal and Small Portions

She eats small portions of chicken and oatmeal. She also does strength training sessions three times a week.

Miranda Lambert – Everything in Moderation

She plans her daily intake. If her breakfast is high in calories, she picks a low – calorie dinner like grilled chicken and sweet potatoes. She still snacks on her must-have-snacks, Cheetos, by doing daily hour-long cardio drills.

Ashey Tisdale – Breakfast

She always starts her day with fresh fruit, an egg white omelette, and whole- wheat toast.

Burn Fat Really Fast – 3 Best Famous Celebrity Diet Plans

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