Benefits of HIIT
Benefits of HIIT

Benefits of HIIT

Benefits of HIIT , research has overwhelmingly shown that HIIT benefits your overall health and your fitness level. When you just can’t find an hour or even 30 minutes to exercise, HIIT research proves that you can make more progress in 15 minutes, three times a week and jogging for an hour.

Here are some other benefits of HIIT for your overall health:

  • Benefits of HIITBurn more fat HIIT gives you the benefit of burning more fat as you exercise and even more after the exercise and your body’s repair system goes into turbocharge after a HIIT workout.
  • Benefits of HIIT –  Become heart-healthy When you push yourself into an anaerobic zone during
    a HIIT workout, you feel that your breath is gone and your heart is pumping
    furiously. The results are that you heart becomes strong and you increase your
    endurance level.

  • Benefits of HIIT – Lose weight build muscle If you’ve ever been on a diet and exercise program, you know how difficult it is to keep your muscle mass when losing fat. HIIT lets you maintain and build muscle mass when cutting back on calorie intake and burning more calories.
  • Benefits of HIITStimulates human growth hormone production HIIT workouts may increase HGH by 450% — after the workout. HGH increases the amount of calories burned and actually slows the aging process, so you feel and look younger.
  • Benefits of HIITImproves insulin and blood sugar regulation Studies show that after only two weeks of HIIT with three workout sessions per week, those with Type 2 diabetes were able to improve blood sugar regulation.

Besides the health benefits of hiit listed above, HIIT workouts will give you the ultimate gifts of a good workout routine a ripped physique and more stamina so that you can enjoy activities you may not have joined in for years. Who wouldn’t want that?

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HIIT Isn’t Easy…But It Isn’t Time Consuming Either

One of the biggest advantages of HIIT workouts is that you can fit it in any time or any place. Most of us are too busy for long sessions in the gym or running outdoors. HIIT sessions don’t last over 15 minutes and the results are even better than those longer workouts.

Benefits of hiit Fitter, Firmer, Faster

HIIT workouts can’t be described as “easy,” but almost anyone can endure short bursts of intense energy followed by a longer “recovery” period if it means having a fit and firm body in less time.

If you can devote just 10 minutes to an exercise solution, you can shed fat and burn calories like you’ve never experienced before. That’s why HIIT is a hot trend these days.
It trims flab, strengthens your core and sculpts your waist to give you a fit and attractive silhouette.

HIIT gives you faster results by working out smarter. You’ll use all of the moves in a HIIT workout to sculpt your entire body because you’re using powerful intervals to rev up your heart rate and set your metabolism on fire so that it works long after you stop the workout.

HIIT works by using the aerobic and anaerobic parts of the workout to effectively use the necessary calories and body mechanisms to provide faster and more astounding results.

As you progress with HIIT workouts from beginner to advanced (athlete) level, you may want to increase your workout times, adding on a few minutes (two or three) as you advance just to see how your body reacts.

Challenge Yourself with HIIT
Challenge Yourself with HIIT – benefits of hiit

Adjusting HIIT Levels (benefits of hiit)

As you move along with your HIIT workouts, you may find that you need to adjust your intensity levels. You’ll know you’re ready to move up to a higher intensity level when the workouts are so easy that you’re performance isn’t challenging anymore.

There’s no one way to structure a HIIT workout, but experimenting with short and long bursts of speed compared to longer or shorter recovery times is a good way to find out what works best for you.

The most common error made for interval training is not scheduling enough time for recovery. Pay attention to your body during interval training and you’ll soon find what you can accomplish by lowering or speeding up your power levels.

HIIT workouts shouldn’t be performed every day, but one or two times a week, especially in the beginning, so you build up the intensity gradually without risking injuries. In between HIIT sessions, perform your normal fitness routines.

Some trainers only advocate that HIIT be used for six week periods rather than year- round, but most HIIT experts agree that using it as a part of your workout routine on a year-round basis is best for overall health and fitness.

benefits of hiit

HIIT for Fat Loss and Muscle Gain with HIIT Training & Diet

Benefits of HIIT – HIIT workouts for men

Benefits of HIIT – HIIT workouts for women

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