Fad Dieting

Fad Dieting,Let’s start by talking about a diet of the low carb variety

The Atkins Diet. (THE TRUTH ABOUT Fad Dieting)

The Atkins diet is the most famous (infamous) fad diet out there. Introduced years ago by Dr. Atkins, the Atkins diet has helped many millions lose lots of fat. Dr. Atkins was right about cutting down on carbohydrate intake, but I think there’s a little room for improvement.

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons:

Pros: Educates people on carbohydrates, sugar, blood glucose. Fairly easy to stick to. Eating your favorite foods is still an option.

Cons: Not enough stress on calories (amount of food). Not enough stress on the water loss issue (mistaken for fat loss).

Summary: While the pros are great, I’ve noticed that many Atkins dieters are clueless about the cons. I can’t blame Dr. Atkins for this though, and neither can anyone else.

There just should be more stress on getting people to eat less generally,because a lot of Atkins dieters think it’s perfectly fine to completely stuff yourself.

Another thing that needs to be mentioned is that while on a low carb diet, you lose a lot of water weight and that is mistaken for fat loss. Since you aren’t consuming nearly as many carbs, your body doesn’t have carbs to hold water (think bread & water).

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The South Beach Diet (THE TRUTH ABOUT Fad Dieting)

The South Beach diet isn’t as strict as other diets like the Atkins diet. You aren’t limited to just proteins and fats, so that leaves room for more starchy foods. And that’s actually where the South Beach Diet goes wrong, in my humble opinion. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons:

Pros: Believe it or not, MANY people have had a lot of fat loss success with this diet (due to calorie restriction/food intake). Easier to follow than most fad diets. A great introduction to general dieting.

Cons: Not enough stress on breaking down Macronutrients and how the body digests them like we’ve pointed earlier in this book. Easy to drop after desired weight has been reached.

Summary: As mentioned in the pros list, as much as I love that certain diets will stress to cut out starchy and sugary foods, lots of people have had success on the South Beach Diet. This is due mainly to calorie restriction and general education on health and dieting that the South Beach diet informs you of. This is actually a great diet to start with, but I recommend tweaking your fat loss plan further instead of starting with this general guideline.


The Paleo Diet (THE TRUTH ABOUT Fad Dieting)
And here we are, a favorite ours. The Paleo diet mimics what cavemen ate. And actually, that’s all there is to it! Though since the caveman generation is long and gone, we have a little studying to do to find out what our early ancestors ate. Let’s see the pros and cons of this diet:

Pros: Dieters are well-informed of technicalities. Definite stress on reducing starch and sugar. Organic food and unprocessed food recommended.

Cons: Lots of time involved in learning about the diet. Lots of time to cook the way you need to. Lots of time to locate the foods that you need for this diet.

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Summary: As you may have noticed, all the cons of this diet are ‘time’ cons. It really depends on how you look at this though because what is more important: A) losing a little time, or, B) your health? The answer is obvious. Once you’re well-educated about this diet and you’ve gotten a plan down and have located
the right foods, you’re all set.

The Paleo diet is a favorite out of all of the fad diets due to all of it actually being legitimate. This has been researched scientifically for years and the things they tell you are definitely accurate. While you will be mimicing what our ancestors ate, the taste is just as good as modern cuisine.

To close about the Paleo diet, let me leave you with a question which might strike you as an ‘AHA!’ moment: when was the last time you heard of someone in Africa or in South American who lives with a primitive tribe having any of the following: a heart attack; cancer; diabetes? Do you see where I’m going with this?

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