Dry Fasting for Fat Loss: Burn Fat 3X Faster than Water Fasting

Dry Fasting, Many people have tried traditional intermittent fasting but never a “dry fast.”
A dry fast is when you don’t even let water or liquids into your body.
During your fasting period, you should eat or drink nothing.
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Because dry fasting can burn fat up to three times faster than water fasting, this video shows why.
I like to fast with water, tea, and coffee.
Here’s a long post about how I’ve used intermittent fasting for almost 20 years now. It talks about what I’ve learned and what I’ve tried.
That said, I haven’t tried to go on a water fast.
How did you find out?
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What is Dry Fasting?

Dry fasting is a genuine fast where you don’t eat or drink anything. You don’t drink water when it’s dry.
In fact, a “absolute” dry fast doesn’t even let you take a shower.
I think that not taking a shower or brushing your teeth is a little too far.
A “soft dry quick” enables water-based washing and tooth brushing.
What is Dry Fasting
There is no evidence that skipping a shower offers any added advantage (unless you enjoy smelling funky).
Without brushing my teeth, I’m unable to go asleep, so that’s out.
I’m referring to a protracted fast here.
I would be alright if I were to undergo a brief daily intermittent dry fast during which I was permitted to shower and clean my teeth at night.
I’ll discuss the distinctions between two distinct types of soft dry fasting: sustained dry fasting and intermittent dry fasting.

What is Intermittent Dry Fasting?

Intermittent dry fasting is accomplished by eating and drinking only during a predetermined window of time each day and fasting the remainder of the time. Typically, food and water are permitted for a few hours at night.
This is the way Muslims fast throughout Ramadan.
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They consume a meal in the morning, then abstain from food and water for the remainder of the day, before resuming food and water consumption with a late-night dinner.

16 hours without eating is not difficult.

I’ve been fasting intermittently for years and it’s quite easy to go without eating once you’ve become used to it.

I have not gone a day without drinking water.
dry fasting dehydration

Dry fasting, I suppose, might result in dehydration during strenuous exertion or even being in a hot climate. …

but given that you will be without water for almost 16 hours, this is unlikely to be a significant concern.

What if you extended that period of time without water? This is the result of extended fasting.

What is Prolonged Dry Fasting?

A prolonged dry fast is when you go 24 hours or longer without food or water.
It is feasible to go without water because the body can generate its own through fat transmutation.
This body promotes fat metabolism in order to obtain water.
This is one of the reasons why dry fasting has a higher fat-burning capacity than intermittent fasting.

Here’s how the body makes water internally during a dry fast.

  • The body enters a state of ketosis
  • Body fat is broken down
  • Free hydrogen molecules are released
  • The hydrogen binds with oxygen molecules in the blood causing water to be formed internally.
To be honest, I think the extended dry fast is a touch severe.
The average length of time people go without water is three days, but that is a long period.

Dry Fasting Dangers.

More than half of the human body is made up of water. If you don’t drink water for three days or more, you could die. Fasting for a short period of time, such as during the month of Ramadan, is perfectly safe.
I don’t think the pain and risk of long-term dry fasting are worth the benefits.

Prolonged fasting without food is not something I endorse.


Taking a somewhat slower, but safer and less miserable, approach to fasting is a better option.

Both a water fast and a dry fast can be done at the same time.
water fasting and

A short water fast can still provide significant weight loss benefits.

Being hydrated will allow you to exercise and sweat, among other things.

I’d be paranoid if I tried to train when dehydrated.

Having said that, I do want to present a balanced viewpoint.

Dry Fasting Results: Before and After

This is a before and after dry fasting video of a woman completing a 5-day fast.
This was the greatest one I discovered because you can observe her day-to-day weight loss progress.
She is even attempting the difficult dry quick variation (no showering).
Because I sweat profusely when exercising, there is no way I would attempt this.
Once more…
Intermittent Ramadan-style dry fasting is a more secure option.
If you find it difficult to go more than four hours without meals, I have another diet technique you might want to try instead.

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