Drinks That Help with Weight Loss

List of healthy drinks

1. Dark Raw Hot Chocolate –  Drinks That Help with Weight Loss

 Drinks That Help with Weight Loss - Dark Raw Hot Chocolate

Drinks That Help with Weight Loss, I know what you are thinking, Hot chocolate, that want one drink during the winter to keep warm. Yes, you are right, but if you chose the right chocolate, like Dark chocolate, which actually does wonders for yours. Dark chocolate is a health drink which contains amino acid call tryptophan, which is a precursor to serotonin, this is a neurotransmitter responsible for having a positive mood and feeling happy.

Dark chocolate also helps reduction in blood pressure, cholesterol and improved insulin sensitivity all have been associated with this tasty delight.

Original Classic Cocoa

2. Lemon Water – Drinks That Help with Weight Loss

Lemon water

This is truly one multi-purpose fruit, not only it has a sour flavour along with a pleasant smell, and it can be used for cleaning as well as scenting your house.

This bright yellow fruit can also improve one’s health. Added to the water we get  Lemon water which becomes a health drink which in turn helps keep skin in good conditions, also improve hair or even could add years to your life. lemons are known for having high amounts of vitamin C, with a single lemon offering you approximately 52 % to meet your daily vitamin C needs.

3. Cranberry Juice – Drinks That Help with Weight Loss

When it comes to health-promoting materials, then look no further than health drink which is cranberry Juice. Cranberry Juice is not only delicious but is also essential for all-around health and wellness. Cranberry store constituents which protect against cardiovascular disease and against cancer and cranberries can improve inflammation, oxidative stress and urinary antibacterial adhesion activity to prevent urinary tract infection.

4. Green Tea – Drinks That Help with Weight Loss

Green tea has been talking about as a health drink over the years about it benefits when it comes to weight loss, but also green tea contains the highest content of powerful antioxidants, making it one of the top all-round healthy drinks. Antioxidants are molecules that fight free radicals, which can damage our DNA plus could cause cell death. You can read many research papers point out that free radicals contribute to the ageing process, which may lead to a number of medical conditions, including cancer and cardiovascular disease

Green Tea

5. Dandelion Tea – Drinks That Help with Weight Loss

Dandelion Tea

When it comes to health drinks dandelion tea is near the top, due in part it’s one of the best detox drinks.

Dandelions are a very versatile plant, keeps the earth it grows in healthy by restoring its mineral, the leaf is used for arthritis,  gastric headaches, oedema, gout and skin ailments. But that not all the dandelion is excellent for detoxification. You can use the root as a coffee substitute, which gives high inulin content, especially during the autumn season, This one tea that is also a good food source for beneficial gut bacteria

6. Stinging Nettle Leaf Tea – Drinks That Help with Weight Loss

Stinging Nettle Leaf Tea

Stinging Nettle Leaf Tea beneficial as a liver tonic and rejuvenator. Nettle Leaf Tea supports effects on circulation, endocrine system, respiratory tract, nervous system, urinary tract, digestive tract and the immune system. Nettle Leaf Tea also has a high magnesium content which can reduce leg and menstrual cramps.

Despite it being painful to the touch, this underestimated plant is a powerhouse of benefits when it comes to a health drink.

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